Classification And Characteristics Of Lighting Fixtures

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Classification And Characteristics Of Lighting Fixtures

12 02,2022 / / By: admin

    Lighting lamps are divided into decorative lamps and functional lamps according to their functions. Decorative lamps are composed of decorative parts and lighting sources. In addition to the proper consideration of lighting efficiency and anti-glare requirements, they mainly meet the needs of architectural art with a beautiful appearance.

    The function of functional lamps is to redistribute the luminous flux of the light source, improve the utilization efficiency of light and avoid glare, and create a suitable light environment. For special lamps used in humid, corrosive, explosive, flammable, and other environments, the lampshade also functions as isolation protection.

    Lighting fixtures are divided into indoor lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting fixtures according to the place of use.

    Indoor lighting fixtures are usually classified according to the distribution ratio of the total luminous flux in the upper and lower hemispheres of the space. Based on this suggestion, the International Commission on Illumination: Divide lighting fixtures into five types: direct, semi-direct, evenly diffused, semi-indirect, and indirect. Outdoor lighting fixtures, mainly floodlights. Floodlights, also known as floodlights, use reflectors, transmissive mirrors, and grilles to constrain the light within a small solid angle to become a strong light source. They are often used in relatively open places that require extensive lightings, such as parks and stadiums.