Color Temperature Selection Of Led Decorative Interior Lights

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Color Temperature Selection Of Led Decorative Interior Lights

12 09,2022 / / By: admin

    The color temperature of LED decorative lights refers to the color of the light, and can also be simply understood as the visual temperature brought to you by the light.

    The redder the light color, the lower the color temperature. The bluer the light color, the higher the color temperature. The lower the K value, the warmer the light source, and the higher the K value, the colder the light source. The color temperature below 4000k is called warm light, which gives people a sense of warmth and relaxation. The color temperature of 4000k-6000k is called neutral light, which has a clear and refreshing feeling.

    What color temperature would you choose?

    The living room is the main area for meeting guests and family leisure, so the main requirement for lighting is bright and warm. Most of them use neutral light (mainly around 4000-5000K). According to the decoration style and soft decoration design of each household, some ambient lighting such as light strips and spotlights can be installed to create a home decoration atmosphere.

    The bedroom is the main space for rest and relaxation, so the lighting should be warm and private enough. It is recommended to choose a warm light source. The color temperature should be controlled at about 2700-3000K, which not only meets the lighting conditions but also creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. Try not to look directly into the eyes with the lamps above the bedside. You can choose to install light strips and anti-glare spotlights to create an atmosphere and enrich the light, so The light environment is softer and more comfortable.