Decorative Lanterns For Life: Attention To The Use Of Underwater Lights

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Decorative Lanterns For Life: Attention To The Use Of Underwater Lights

02 03,2023 / / By: admin

The voltage of the festive lanterns is 220v. The holiday decorative lights in life are connected in series, because in the series circuit, the current everywhere in the circuit is equal, if the current at the power plug is 200mA, then the current passing through each bulb is 200mA, which is 0.2A.

The voltage in the lighting circuit is 220V because the total voltage at both ends of the circuit in the series circuit is equal to the sum of the voltages at both ends of the electrical appliances in each part, so 20 small bulbs (series) are connected to the lighting circuit, and the voltage of each bulb is 220V /20=11V. So you don't need to worry about the voltage problem of this lamp set. LED underwater lights are also a type of decorative light, but you may need these

The LED underwater light uses a five-core wire to connect to the control system. The whole system includes a DMX controller, a distribution box, and lamps and distribution that can be placed in the water. The whole lamp is perfectly combined.

The LED underwater light has a movable fixing clip, which can adjust the angle and position of the light projection. The entire lighting fixture is perfectly designed to effectively prevent the corrosion of bromine and chlorine,

Certain anti-static measures must be taken during the process of processing, production, and installation of LED underwater lamp products, such as the workbench must be grounded, workers must wear anti-static clothing, anti-static rings, and anti-static gloves, etc., and anti-static can be installed if conditions permit Ion fan, at the same time, ensure that the air humidity is about 65% during installation, so as to avoid static electricity caused by too dry air.