Derivative Products Under Led String Lights

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Derivative Products Under Led String Lights

01 07,2023 / / By: admin

LED light string is a light string made of lamp beads, circuit boards, and PVC raw materials.

The light-emitting angle of the LED components on the LED light string is generally 120 degrees for the general-purpose SMD LEDs, that is, the SMD components. The larger the angle of light, the better the effect of astigmatism, but relatively, the brightness of the light is correspondingly reduced. The light angle is small, and the intensity of light is increased, but the range of irradiation will be reduced. Therefore, another important indicator for evaluating LED strips is the luminous angle. Let's come together to learn about the derivative products under the LED light strip.

LED ice lanterns are made up of several groups of LED lights with different numbers of bubbles connected in series. Connecting to the controller can achieve flashing, chasing, and other effects. Hanging under the eaves imitates the posture of the ice strips hanging down in the north, and the flashing effect can bring people to approach the world of ice and snow to create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.

Dual circuit LED light string

LED wishful star lights are composed of extended LED light strings, connected with an external controller, which can achieve a variety of flashing light-changing effects.

Single circuit LED light string

The single-circuit LED light string is always on, non-extendable, and can be selected in various colors; it usually adopts a double insulation structure, and each wire and each wire connector are double-insulated to ensure safety and reliability; after waterproof treatment, it can be used outdoors. Safe and reliable.