Mini Lights Are Not The Same As Mini String Lights

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Mini Lights Are Not The Same As Mini String Lights

12 23,2022 / / By: admin

    At present, the structure of the mini lamp on the market is composed of one LED lamp bead, lamp bead and table lamp hose, which is different from the mini string light using multiple lamp beads, and the light emitted by the mini lamp is relatively soft, and the service life is relatively long. It is long, and can adjust the height of the lamp at any time. It is very convenient to use, and the compact shape is very convenient to carry.

    Features of Mini Lamps:

    Wide voltage range: The voltage range is 85V-265V. Traditional fluorescent lamps need high voltage to light up, but they cannot light up if they are low voltage. The mini lamp can be lit in a relatively wide range of voltage, and it also has the function of adjusting brightness.

    Multiple colors: Through the three main colors of RGB, various colorful colors can be mixed, which is very colorful.

    High safety: the lamp beads in the mini lamp body are encapsulated with epoxy resin, and the outer shell is not fragile, which is more solid. Even if it is dropped on the floor during use, the lamp is not easy to break, so you can rest assured Use, the safety factor is extremely high.

    Less heat generation: Traditional fluorescent lamps will generate a lot of heat, while mini lamps convert electrical energy into light energy, and the utilization rate is very high, which largely avoids energy waste.