The Secret Of Light Sources For Decorative Lamps

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The Secret Of Light Sources For Decorative Lamps

10 28,2022 / / By: admin

    The light sources used for holiday decorative lights are relatively colorful, blue, red, orange, and various colors of lights can best set off the festive atmosphere, but what about these light sources?

    Two-primary white LEDs are made of blue LED chips and YAG phosphors. The commonly used blue light chip is the InGaN chip. The advantages of blue light chip LED with YAG phosphor powder method are simple structure, low cost, relatively simple manufacturing process, and YAG phosphor powder has been used in fluorescent lamps for many years, and the process is relatively mature. However, the efficiency of blue LEDs is not high enough, so the efficiency of the LEDs is low, the phosphor itself has energy loss, and the aging of the packaging materials over time leads to color temperature drift and shortened lifespan.

    Under the premise of high efficiency, it can effectively improve the color rendering of LEDs. The three-primary phosphor-converted white light LED light source has high color rendering, and the light color and color temperature are adjustable. The use of high conversion efficiency phosphors can improve the light efficiency of LEDs. However, the efficiency of phosphors in converting ultraviolet radiation is low, the powder mixing is difficult, the packaging materials are easy to age under ultraviolet light irradiation, and the lifespan is short.