Why Led Holiday Decorative Lights Become People's Choice

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Why Led Holiday Decorative Lights Become People's Choice

12 16,2022 / / By: admin

    First of all, LED holiday decorative light is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and has a long life. Under normal circumstances, the power consumption is only one-eighth of incandescent lamps and one-half of fluorescent lamps.

    The light source structure of holiday decorative lights is light (epoxy resin package), small in size, easy to hide, and can adapt to various geometric sizes and different space sizes. Secondly, the light source is a solid light source, which is not inflated, has no gas sealing problem, does not require a glass shell, and is shock-resistant and vibration-resistant. It has good controllability, a fast response time, and can be turned on and off frequently.

    The color of the LED light source is pure and rich, can evolve into any color, and can also form a variety of shapes such as points, lines, surfaces, and balls, and the landscaping effect is more flexible. LED is a weak current product, and there will be no electric shock accidents when touched by human hands. This also creates opportunities for visitors to experience the lighting works of festive decorative lights at close range and enhance the interaction between the public and the design works.